Below is a summary of all the TFJ Club(CR) and East Region League (EL) races for the Tristar and Youth age groups. We have additionally added some suggested local events(LE) which are recommended by our members

Booking Tips

  • Popular league events (EL) can fill up within 24 hours, so if you’re keen to enter, book early.
  • Have your race swim time race to hand as most races ask for this to help schedule race orders for all participants
  • If you have British Triathlon membership, have the number to hand as entry costs will be lower
  • Refunds are given if you need to pull out (% received depends on notice period given)
  • Sign up for the waiting list as places usually become available
Date Type Event Entry links and opening dates
23-Mar-19 LE
TFJ Practice Aquathlon Sandringham

TFJ website
31-Mar-19 CR
Hillingdon Spring Duathlon

07-Apr-19 LE Basildon Aquathlon Open
Apr-19 LE Bedford Junior Spring Aquathlon Opening date- TBC
27- April-19 LE Epping Aquathlon Open
11-May-19 CR TFJ Practice Triathlon Sandringham TFJ website
18-May-19 EL IHS Aquathlon (Ipswich) Open
25-May-19 EL East Essex Kids Triathlon
23-Jun-19 EL/ IRC   Rob McLean Junior Triathlon 25-Feb-19
30-Jun-19 EL/ IRC West Suffolk Junior Triathlon Open
06-Jul-19 LE Leighton Buzzard Triathlon Open
07-Jul-19 EL/ IRC Discovery Children’s Triathlon (open water) Open
14-Jul-19 EL/ CR Tri-Force Children’s Triathlon Sandringham School 16-Feb-19
27-Jul-19 EL Framlingham Junior Triathlon Open
20- July-19 LE Epping Triathlon Opening date- TBC
03-Aug-19 LE Infinity Triathlon (Chelmsford) Open
18-Aug-19 EL Herts Children’s Triathlon- WGC (open water) Open
Mid Aug-19 LE Hoddesdon Triathlon Opening date- TBC
01-Sep-19 LE Freedom Tri Children’s Duck n Dash Aquathlon Open
7-Sep-19 EL Clacton Duathlon Open
Sep-19 CR TFJ Triathlon Event Sandringham School TFJ website
Sept-19 LE Bedford Junior Autumn Aquathlon Opening date- TBC
Nov-19 LE Hillingdon Winter Duathlon Opening date- TBC
Dec-19 LE Queen Elizabeth’s Park Duathlon Opening date- TBC

Other events: If you’re not able to make these dates or they fill up before you have a chance to book, check out other local triathlon events:

TFJ Contacts: If you need any further advice about events, please contact one of the coaches

Eastern league: Information about the Eastern Region League can be found on the British Triathlon website:

British Triathlon membership: To obtain British Triathlon membership and qualify for the Eastern League, register at: