Tri-Force Juniors Open Race 15th July 2018, Sandringham School, St Albans

We are looking to open up for bookings on 4th February 2018


BTF Children’s Event Rules Apply

Please note that all ages quoted in these instructions are as at 31-December-2018


Welcome to Tri-Force St Albans Children’s Triathlon 2018 – we hope you enjoy the race. We would be grateful if both competitors and their parents could read through these race details, so that the event runs smoothly.


Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time, to register at the registration desk.  Registration will be open from 09:00.  If you register at this time it will give you plenty of time to prepare for your race.  If you arrive earlier than the registration time, that is not a problem, you can take the opportunity to look at the course and get your bearings.  However please note that you cannot ride on the course before the start.  If you arrive late you may miss registration and this will prevent you from competing.


Anticipated schedule

09:45 Registration and transition open
11:00 Marshalls briefing
11:00 Registration closes
11:10 Transition closes
11:15 Race briefing
11:30 Race starts (Youth first)

12:00 Tristars 3 (provisional time)

12:50 Tristars 2 (provisional time)

13:40 Tristars 1 (provisional time)

14:00 Tristars Start (provisional time)

14:45 Prize giving (provisional time)


Youth will start first in swim waves of 6, followed likewise by Tristars 3 and Tristars 2. We will then switch to staggered starts (20 second intervals) for Tristars 1 and Tristar Start.  Tristars 1 and Tristars Start will be doing a “snake swim” in the pool for their 6 or 2 lengths. So bear this in mind when you are planning your breakfast and lunch.



The full address of Sandringham school is:-

Sandringham School Academy Trust

The Ridgeway

St Albans





There will be parking marshals on the gate to direct you to your parking space. Please adhere to the marshal’s directions so that we can accommodate everyone.  Once the car-park is full, please use local roads however please do not block private residence access.


There will be a hot food van serving burgers / sausages and an ice-cream van, plus we will have our own cake stall with teas, coffees and squash available.


You will be required to register at the registration desk in the entrance to the new sports hall, between 09:45am-11:00pm.

If you do not have a valid BTF membership card you will be issued with a day licence.  This cost has been included in your entry fee.  If you are a BTF member you will need to present your BTF membership card/race licence. If you are unable to show your valid card / proof of payment then you will be charged £1.  

You will be given two race numbers, one of which should be pinned to your front and one to your back and be clearly visible on the bike and run. Alternatively, number belts can be used with race numbers.  NOTE: Numbers must not be folded, cut down or tampered with to reduce their size.

You will receive a set of stickers with your race number.  Please fix these as follows:
1 on your bike seat post
3 for your helmet.  1 on the front and 1 on each side of your helmet.  You will also be given 2 “tattoos” with your number.  Please fix these to the outside of your LEFT UPPER ARM and RIGHT OUTSIDE LOWER LEG.  Apply to dry skin using the wet sponges provided outside registration.  Marshalls will be on hand to help with the transfer if required.

You will also be issued with a timing chip which will need to be fixed just above your LEFT ankle.  Safety pins are available to help secure the timing chip strap in place.

Photography and Video.

This event is run in accordance with the BTF’s child protection policy. As such, parents or spectators wishing to take photos or use a video camera MUST register at the Video/ Photography registration desk, where you will be issued with an authorizing wrist-band to be displayed clearly throughout the event. Anyone seen using a video camera or taking photographs without a sticker should be reported immediately to a Race Official.

Course Lay-out

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the course, Pool, Transition area, Bike and Run which is shown in the map below.  This is indicative of the course and may need to be altered at last minute due to weather conditions.   If you have any questions, please ask at the pre-race briefing.

Insert new map

Equipment – Cycle Helmets

Approved cycle helmets are compulsory (e.g. ANSI Z90.4, EN1078 or SNELL B90). NO APPROVED CYCLE HELMET, NO RACE!)

Equipment – Bicycles

Bicycles must be in a roadworthy condition.  Please check your bicycle before race day; bike checks will be carried out as you enter transition and any unsafe bikes will not be allowed in transition.  Please ensure the end of your bike handle bars have an end plug or are taped closed. You cannot race if they have a hole at the end!
NOTE: Tri-bars / Aerobars of any length are not permitted (mountain bike bar-ends are acceptable)

Transition Area.

This area will only be accessible to competitors and officials.  No parents will be allowed in the transition area at any time. There will be marshals in transition who can assist younger competitors with their transition set-up. Competitors should set out their kit in transition as soon as they have registered. Transition will close at 12:45, before the race briefing, after which time no one will be allowed to enter. Competitors will be able to collect their kit after all the races are complete.

Racking will be provided for all age groups and will be marked up with race numbers to agree.  You must rack your bike on the correct side as indicated by the numbers, with the bike facing OUT (handle bars facing away from the racking) ready for the race.  Place your belongings neatly to the right of the bike, but ensure that they do not obstruct the next bike.  Marshals will be on hand to assist if required.

As Racking is provided, no bike stands will be permitted.
No boxes or bags to be left in transition.

Race Briefing.

Will take place on the field at 11:15. The briefing will be given to all competitors at the same time. Please make sure you attend, as there may be some important changes to the event or course detail. At the briefing you will be advised of the time and area you need to report to (ready to race) for the start of the event. It is recommended that the youths are already changed, ready to swim when they attend the race briefing so they are ready to go directly to the swimming pool.

The Race

The race will start at 11:30  


The pool is a 3 lane, 25yard indoor pool. Swimmers will be taken from the race report area to poolside. Please report to the race report area approximately 10minutes before your estimated swim start time.

Swimmers must start in the water with one hand and one foot on the starting wall.  No diving is allowed.  Tumble turns are permitted.  Please note that swim-hats are compulsory.  If you do not have a swim-hat, one will be provided.  Goggles are optional.

Youth will start first in swim waves of up to 6, followed likewise by Tristars 3 and Tristars 2.  We will then switch to staggered starts (20 second intervals) for Tristars 1 and Tristarts Start. Tristars 1 and Tristars Start will also be “snaking” in the pool for their 6 or 2 lengths.

Youth, Tristars 3, Tristars 2 swims will be in waves with a maximum of 2 athletes per lane.  It is your responsibility to make sure you complete the correct number of lengths.  Swimmers must swim up and down the designated side of their lane.  Do not move across the lane or impede other swimmers.

Tristars 1 and Tristarts Start swims will be a snake swim.  Each swimmer will start at 20 second intervals.  If you need to overtake the person in front of you, you must first tap their feet and overtake only if safe to do so, or wait to the end of the lane before passing them.  The swimmer in front that has their feet touched should wait at the end of the pool to let the faster swimmer go past.

The number of lengths you swim depends on your age group and is as follows:

8 years        (Tristars Start)    50 yards (46m)         2 lengths

9-10 years    (Tristars 1)    150 yards (137m)     6 lengths

11-12 years    (Tristars 2)    200 yards, (182m)     8 lengths

13-14 years    (Tristars 3)    300 yards (274m)     12 lengths

15-16 years    (Youth)        300 400 yards (274 364 m)     12 16 lengths

Please remember that back-stroke is NOT permitted.  At the end of your swim, please take any equipment (hat/goggles etc) to transition and do not drop it or pass it to anyone.  If you need to wear glasses after the swim, please ensure that you have given them to a marshal in the swimming pool area before you get in the pool then collect them from a marshal after you get out of the pool and before you exit the building.

Exit from the pool is via a door with a step down to a tarmac path. Please do not run on poolside for safety reasons and beware of the exit from the pool building, as the ground may be slippery.  If required, there will be a mat covering any particularly rough surfaces between the pool exit and transition.


When you reach transition, do not duck under the racking but run along the correct row to your bike.  Put on your top and fasten your bike helmet BEFORE you touch your bike. If you are wearing a race belt with just one number, it must be worn to the rear.  Competitors must push their bicycle to the ‘bike out’ gate and must not mount their bike until both wheels are over the bike mount line.  Failure to follow this rule could incur a time penalty.  Once you have crossed the line you can get on your bike and begin to cycle. The number of circuits you need to complete depends on your age group and is as follows:

8 years        (Tristars Start)    800m    1 circuit     No change

9-10 years    (Tristars 1)    1600m    2000m 2 circuits

11-12 years    (Tristars 2)    4000m    5 4 circuits

13-14 years    (Tristars 3)    5600m 6000m    7 6 circuits

15-16 years    (Youth)        5600m 7000m    7 circuits

Whilst there will be Marshals on the course counting your bike laps, it is your responsibility to make sure you complete the correct number of laps. To assist the Lap Counting Marshals, please shout your number as you pass them. When you have finished your laps of the bike course you will return to the transition area.  You must dismount your bike before you reach the dismount line, then run with your bike into the transition area.  Once again, failure to follow this rule could incur a time penalty. You must not unfasten your helmet until you have replaced your bike in your allotted racking position on the racking, bike facing IN (handle bars hooked over the bars or wheeled through and seat hooked over the bar) and you have let go of your bike.  Your bike and equipment must not impede other competitors otherwise you will be subject to a time penalty.

Note that for the Tristars Starts, on return to the transition area, marshals will be on hand to take the bikes from the competitors.  Tristars Starts will then continue to their numbered racking position where they will take off their helmet and leave it there prior to the run.

When going out for your run, do not duck under the racking.  Run along the row to the end before heading for the RUN OUT sign.

NOTES:  This race is NON-DRAFTING.  A 10-metre zone must be maintained between cyclists.  20 seconds are allowed for one competitor to pass through the draft zone of another.  If you are seen drafting by the race official, a time penalty or possible disqualification will be given.  Please see the British Triathlon Rulebook for more details;



If you are wearing a number belt, it must be turned to have the number showing at the front before you leave transition to start the run course.  Please ensure that you have removed your bike helmet before leaving transition otherwise you will be sent back to remove it.

The run takes place on the grass playing field next to the bike course and is a 400m 600m circuit course (except for Tristars Start which is a 400m single loop)

The number of laps you need to complete depends on your age group and is as follows:

8 years        (Tristars Start)    400m        1 circuit No change

9-10 years    (Tristars 1)    1200m        3 2 circuits

11-12 years    (Tristars 2)    1600m    1800m    4 3 circuits

13-14 years    (Tristars 3)    2400m        6 4 circuits

15-16 years    (Youth)        2400m    3000m    6 5 circuits

Marshals will be distributing water and counting laps so ensure your race number is clearly visible on your front at all times. It is however, your responsibility to make sure you complete the correct number of laps.

General Note

Competitors’ chest must be covered on the bike and run sections and appropriate footwear must be worn for both the bike and run sections.  Barefoot running is NOT allowed (BTF rule 22.5.d).
No running spikes allowed.

Parents / Supporters are reminded that running alongside competitors (pacing) and handing over drinks is not allowed and may result in disqualification of the competitor.


If medication such as inhalers is likely to be required, competitors are advised to leave it in transition and either take when in transition or carry with them on the run.  If you require medication during the race, please notify one of the marshals.  If you have mediation with you on the run, keep it with you until the finish.  Do not throw it to parents otherwise penalties may be incurred.

Essex Medics  to check – might be another company” will be on site to provide emergency cover and there will be a life-guard within the pool area.


As you cross the finish line your time will be recorded and you will receive your finisher’s medal. Well done!

After crossing the finish line, one of the marshals will help you remove the timing chip.
Lost timing chips will be charged for (£10 incl VAT)



There is no room for spectators within the pool area. For the bike and run sections, spectators will be allowed to watch the race from outside the run course. Spectators are requested to abide by Marshals’ instructions at all times.


Referee British Triathlon Official.

A BTF official will be officiating on the day. Competitors are required to abide by the BTF Children’s Competition Rules which are available on the BTF website:

(Children’s rules – see section 23)

Please be aware that anyone not abiding by the rules will be liable to time penalties and disqualifications. The referee’s decision is final.


Presentation and Results.

There will be trophies for the top three finishers in each age group, male and female.
There will also be a trophy for the top finisher in the lower band of each age group.

Provisional results should be available on the day and will be read out at the finish of all age groups racing.  The full race results will be made available within a few days.


Last Minute contact details.

If there is a need to contact Tri-Force in the build up to the race please use the email address below. On the day, or for very last-minute queries please ring Paul Durbin on 077 47 02 01 34 079 3555 3748 or email and



Good luck to all competitors – We hope you enjoy the race!

Tri-Force Juniors is a club dedicated to bringing children and young adults into the sport of triathlon. We provide training, coaching and events for 8 – 16 year olds, as well as adults of all abilities. If you are interested in joining our club, please talk to any of the officials on the day or visit our website.