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Initial Junior Club Membership is £50 if joining between 1st March and 31st August, or £37.50 if joining after 1st September. This fee includes membership until the end of February each year (when renewals will be due), and the following club kit: Club swim hat, water bottle, bag and T-shirt.

Junior Membership Renewal costs £25 per year (or £20 if you renew before 31st March). Siblings of a Tri-Force Junior member costs £20 per year to renew.

As a member of Tri-Force Juniors, you get reduced weekly coaching fees e.g run & bike £2 (non-members £4), run & swim £4 (non-members £7)

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Child Welfare 

We take Child Welfare very importantly. We follow the guidelines set out by BTA which can be found at:

british triathlon, Child Protection

In addition All Coaches, Officials and helpers have been checked through the DBS.

Additional Information about the Club: 

Our Code of Coduct can be found here 

Our Aims for the Club can be found here 

Our Training Calendar can be found here

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