Top Tips from the Coaches


Days Beforehand:

Make sure you know:

  • Where the event is being held
  • Length of journey
  • Car parking facilities as may need to include extra time on your journey
  • Times when registration opens and closes
  • Time your race starts

Check you have all your kit ready and bike is in good working order.
Click here for suggested list of equipment.

Day before the race:

An important factor in having a good race is to have plenty of energy and not feel tired. Nutrition tips:

  • Eat carbohydrate – pasta, rice, vegetables
  • Eat protein – meat, fish
  • Drink water to keep you well hydrated
  • Avoid fatty and sugary snacks – cakes, crisps, sweets, chocolate, take aways

Race day:

  • Eat a sensible breakfast (cereal & toast) about two and a half to three hours before racing.
  • Keep drinking up to the start of the race.
  • If hungry have a banana or muesli bar, nothing fatty or sugary.

When you arrive at the race venue: Important things to do:

  • Register
  • Collect your numbers and attach to number belt/T-shirt and bike
  • Find out if there are any changes to the information previously received
  • Set up your transition – get a good place by doing this early
  • Check the course
  • Warm up (if a short loop see if you can have a practice lap)
  • Go to the toilet before queueing up to race

After the race:

Important things to do:

  • Keep warm
  • Re-hydrate
  • Eat a sugary snack
  • Collect your transition kit