Volunteers, respect and OW Swimming

  • Volunteers & respect

    This is a difficult message to write. It has been repeatedly communicated over the last two years that we have been on notice with Sandringham School regarding access owing to complaints from their near neighbours on The Ridgeway. Emma has been key in retaining access to this facility for our duathlons, club champs and ‘Where’ triathlon with negotiations and personal reassurances to the head caretaker and the head of the school that we would be respectful and follow some simple steps to ensure minimum chance of disturbance to the local residents.

    – Most important thing of all – near silence before the start
    – don’t loiter outside the gates if you are early
    – use the lower car park for parking
    – and the transition at the back of the upper car park (ie far away from the road entrance)
    – don’t shout, cheer on or clap during the event

    As a result of further complaints from last weekends event we are once again in a situation of trying to repair our relationship with the school and try to retain access. As a direct result we have had to push back the start time of this weekends ‘Where’ triathlon which increases the risk to competitors as the roads will be busier and we all know how nice some local drivers are to cyclists! Furthermore we cannot guarantee that the future duathlons and club champs will be able to go ahead. It is vital to behave at this weekends event and then at the next duathlons, so please out of respect for your fellow club members and especially Emma who has tirelessly worked on this follow the simple steps outlined above.

    On top of this I was shocked to find out that no-one volunteered to help Paula before the event and even more shocked to find out that no-one in attendance on the morning was willing to sit out the event and help her with timing. It is once again disrespectful, this time to Paula, and shows a worrying trend in the club to rely on a few key volunteers who support events.

    If we cannot get volunteers then we cannot host these events – Emma needs some help for the ‘Where’ triathlon please email her on emma.terpstra@gmail.com and we currently have 32 signed up for our open race on the 26th May, we need 50. The latter is a key fundraiser for the club and without marshals we cannot host a safe event. If you have volunteered, thank you. If you haven’t please do so, if you can find someone else to rope in as well even better! If you are racing we expect you to arrange someone to marshal in your place. – please email matthoulden@sky.com

    OW Swimming

    The lake is open from this weekend. Enjoy. It is likely to be cold still.

    If you have a key from last year please let me know we need to get back on track of who has them. In order to swim you must sign the waiver form acknowledging you are able to swim 800m (ie one lap of the lake) and you must be a paid up member of our club. This year we have dropped the requirement to be a member of BTF owing to feedback from members and a new form will be uploaded to the website accordingly. Fill in the form once and leave in the folder at the lake for the whole season.

    General rules:
    Please sign in/out as this is good practice. There is a tri force sign-in/out book up at the lake. This is for safety reasons and MUST be done, deposit your waiver form here as well.

    You need to swim as a minimum of 3 people in a group.

    When fishing is present on the right hand bank as you get in, give them a wide berth even if this means missing out the first buoy.

    You must wear a brightly coloured swim cap – preferably the club’s (it’s bright orange this season)

    Our usual swim time is 7am (ish) on Saturdays. We must be out of the lake by 8.45 as the sailing club then come in to use the club house etc. It would be helpful to car share to get up there if possible as the car park does get very busy with 4-5 clubs trying to swim there. This season there are other clubs swimming at 5.30am on Wed morning and 6am on Fri morning. We can swim at these times but can’t rely on swimming with the other clubs ie it is best to have at least 3 Tri Forcers going and to arrange your own set of keys.


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