2016 East Region Final League Standings and Presentation

Jess Thorn wrote the following regarding the East Region League Presentation Ceremony:

“On the 12th November I was invited to the presentation for the east region league. We arrived at the bowling alley at Braintree Freeport just in time, unfortunately Antonia Jubb couldn’t make it so I was the sole representative of Tri Force!
I was put in the Tri 3 & Youth Team lane. I think the older kids were impressed as my first bowl was a strike!
After the two games and food we all gathered in a room for the actual trophy presentation.
2016 East Region Awards JT2 It was fun  and I was proud to receive an award, although a bit of a trek, but I enjoyed the shopping afterwards also.”

There are a maximum of 5 scoring events of which the best 4 triathlons and 1 other event (triathlon, aquathlon, duathlon) count. The scoring is based on the winner getting 10,000 points and then for every second slower than the winner a number of points are deducted. Therefore the maximum score that can be achieved is 50,000 points.

Many congratulations in particular to Antonia Jubb (2nd Tristar 2 Girls Category) and Jess Thorn (3rd Tristar 3 Girls Category) for winning regional league trophies.

The final league standings are as follows:

Tristar Start Girls

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
6thRebecca Bint3323616.63
16thEmily Groth117355.38

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Tristar 1 Boys

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
11thLucas Hartley5541393.14
30thJonathan Bint4323541.72
31stBenjamin Taggart3323247.08
43rdTom Pruett3216590.16
50thDaniel Mohammedbhai2214006.72
60thMathew Enever118628.95
62ndNoah Brown118356.17
74thSamuel George117625.00
76thRobbie Laird117481.13
80thSammy Groth117169.98
86thCiro Sadikot116743.20

Tristar 1 Girls

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
13thMackenzie Holt7538273.49
14thRobyn Hartley5538116.29
26thLucy Crooks2217032.59
27thLouisa Muller3216956.45
35thFlorence Crowley119701.82
37thMegan Gray119192.74
46thDaisy Oliver117150.71

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Tristar 2 Boys

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
8thSam Newman6545204.88
11thWilliam Hughes5436428.19
14thZac Mohammedbhai5433285.79
29thLuke Muller5322254.74
45thTom Rayden2216018.66
55thBen Crooks119866.89
74thOliver Jex117529.00
84thTommy Groth116760.42

Tristar 2 Girls

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
2ndAntonia Jubb10549934.88
17thCaitlin Hartley5541226.32
39thZara Mohammedbhai2214964.64
43rdSara Laitner3110000.00
50thJenny Laird117761.11
55thMaisy Manson117390.11
57thAmelia Weaire117262.42
60thJoy Walters116806.68

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Tristar 3 Boys

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
20thTom Jarman4431316.10
26thAidan McLean3323738.32
33rdMatthew Peck2219111.42
41stJames Mabbs2215706.31
54thLouis Paganuzzi117806.03

Tristar 3 Girls

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
3rdJessica Thorn10547317.87
5thChristy Durbin8546407.05
11thHannah Newman7540641.11
12thEmily Rayden4437557.51
33rdKatie McAree2213824.51
35thSophie Mabbs1110000.00
40thTori Weston119025.31
41stJordan Walters118633.26
43rdLauren Enever118574.67
45thSarah Crooks118512.98
50thIzzy West117925.56
60thTara Cairns116900.95

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Youth Boys

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
10thAdam Hughes5433791.83
11thOliver Davis3328278.48
14thMatthew Honeyman3327448.42

Youth Girls

PositionCompetitorEvents CompetedScoring EventsPoints
6thNaomi Holt6545243.03
7thHannah Rayden5543629.92
9thHannah Trotman6435350.81
12thAlannah Mabbs4325083.91
19thJessica Laitner1110000.00
23rdRos Chase117619.35

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