Tri-Force Junior wins Inter Regional Triathlon Championship

IRC Tri 2 Champion

Huge Congratulations to Tri-Force Junior, Antonia Jubb who won the National Triathlon championships on 28th August at Mallory Park in Leicestershire.

On what was a very hot day Antonia swam furiously across 200 metres of the lake in the park and climbed out to find she was in 6th place. With no time to dry off she sprinted through the blue transition area which lead to her bike, by this time she had progressed to third place. The cycling route that followed was a gruelling 2.5 metres up hill, but Antonia sailed through the challenge onto the last part of the course. After the cycling section she quickly leapt off her bike and progressed through the transition area into the final 2.3 running section. At this point she was still in third place determined she powered her way forward, caught up with two girls in front of her, over took them and crossed the finishing line with a 1 minute lead! She was totally astonished when she realised she had easily beat everyone in the entire race!

She said ‘At the end I was in tears and I was so shocked to have come first. I think it was honestly the best thing I have ever done in my life! I am definitely going to take part again next year, in fact I can’t wait for it!’

Well done Antonia for your incredible athletic achievements!