Tri-Force Juniors Awards Night 2016

The inaugural awards and social evening was held at Fleetville Junior School in St Albans with parents each supplying some food to create a lovely buffet.

Sean McAree, the Head Coach, gave a brief summary of the 2015 season and highlighted the numerous achievements made by many club members especially those that had attended East Region events.

The following awards were presented on the evening:

Girls Club CaptainAlannah Mabbs

Boys Club CaptainAdam Hughes

Girls Vice CaptainNaomi Holt

Boys Vice CaptainJames Mabbs

Girls Triathlete of the Year (2015) – for her excellent results throughout the season and only just missing out on being picked for the East Region IRC Team – Jessica Thorn

Boys Triathlete of the Year (2015) – for his excellent results and massive improvement throughout the East Region season, despite numerous calamities – hence his nickname “Calamity Sam” – Sam Newman

2015 Coaches Award – for his dedication and hard work in all the training sessions – Tom Pruett

2016 Awards 6

Unfortunately we were unable to present one award on the night, and so a presentation was held prior to the Practice Aquathlon for the 2015 Triathlete of the Year – for her excellent results throughout the season and the first ever member of Tri-Force Juniors to be awarded a place in the East Region Academy – Jessica Laitner

2016 Awards JL 2

A very special thanks to Barry Thorn who supplied the disco for the evening – although dancing did seem to be in short supply – with the kids more interested in playing games supervised by the new club captains and ex club captain Abby West, while the parents attended the AGM. Anyone would have thought the club had not held a bike and run training session at Nomansland Common that afternoon with the amount of energy the kids had to expend!!!!

At the AGM a brief resume of our financial position was provided by our treasurer Angela Basit and a summary of 2015 highlights and plans for the forthcoming year was provided by the chair Hannah Avis. Kim Dickson was also thanked in her absence for all her hard work serving on the Committee as membership secretary.

2016 AGM 1

Hannah, Angela, Paul, Jason, Sean and Alan agreed to continue in their current roles on the Committee and Dani Pruett was proposed and seconded to take over as Membership Secretary. Although a non-committee role, Richard Gray also volunteered to become the Assistant Race Director.

The Committee are still looking to fill the club secretary, sponsorship and publicity roles and anyone interested should contact the Chair. With the club growing at the rate it is, the more help parents can provide in volunteering to fill these roles will make the running of the club much smoother and enable future plans to be brought to fruition sooner.

Finally a big thank you to Hannah Avis for organizing the excellent venue.