Tri-force Juniors Duathlon September 2017

On Sunday 10th September, Tri-Force held a duathlon race at Sandringham School as work was still ongoing on the pool.  In total, we had 29 taking part, ranging from complete beginners through to experienced competitors.

While the club captains were not taking part, they were on hand to lend some advise to the less experienced competitors.

Stephen gave a race briefing about the course and reminded everyone about the number of laps required. Clearly everyone listened as no one miscounted any laps.

The race distances were as follows:
Tristar Start: Run 400m, Bike 800m, Run 200m
Tristar 1: Run 1.2k, Bike 2.4k, Run 400m
Tristar 2: Run 1.6k, Bike 4k, Run 800m
Tristar 3 & Youth: Run 2k, Bike 5.6k, Run 800m

While the weather stayed dry, the wind was quite strong at times and led to a challenging bike course. However, this didn’t seem to bother the children as we saw some sprint finishes to the end. Perhaps the cake stall proved to be the incentive that everyone needed.



Tristar Race Number Time taken
1st Emily Gray 392 6.44
2nd Sophia Walters 299 8.49
1st Hugo Crowley 298 6.44
2nd Ashton Koval 297 6.46
Tristar 1
1st Megan Gray 295 18.14
2nd Mackenzie Holt 294 20.12
3rd Abi Clark 293 25.55
4th Rebecca Bint 296 26.29
1st Callum Powell 292 16.17
2nd Robbie Laird 288 17.02
3rd Daniel Mohammedbhai 210 18.50
4th Oscar Mitchell 289 19.30
5th Daniel Goldstein 290 20.10
6th Toby Pettit 229 20.12
7th Hudson Reid 287 21.09
Tristar 2
1st Florence Crowley 98 27.25
2nd Katy Manson 95 33.09
3rd Maisy Manson 90 34.11
4th Emily Manson 92 34.31
5th Joy Walters 88 38.38
1st Jamie Powell 85 25.23
2nd Tom Pruett 80 29.01
3rd Jonathan Bint 84 30.00
Tristar 3*
1st Zak Mohammedbhai 69 32.16
2nd Jess Thorn 78 33.22
3rd Jordan Walters 64 34.58
4th Jennie Laird 79 36.20
*Male and female as one race
Additional athletes:
Sophie Mabbs 33.45
Lucy McGill 33.55

Prizes were awarded to the first placed finishers for girls and boys (except Tri 3 where it was the fastest overall and Tri 1 where there was an additional award for the fastest 9 year old.)

Tri 3 Tri 2-girls Tri 2-boys


Tri 1- 9 year old Tri 1-girls Tri 1-boys


Tri start-girls Tri start-boys


A big thank you to all the children and parents who helped with marshalling and dismantling the course in record time.