Our committee is made up volunteers who undertake a number of roles from booking the venue’s we use for training, membership administration, website maintenance, training kit purchases, organising coaching schedules and many other small but important tasks.

The roles they perform are non-arduous but none the less critical in order that the club continues to provide all it can for the ultimate welfare of its members and to maintain its obligations and areas of compliance to the British Triathlon governing body.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and can be as simple as suggestions for improvement, assisting with small administrative tasks, through to offering to hold a stopwatch or help push a flag into the ground on race days (and collect them all back in afterwards!); it is a team effort and the smallest job can really make a big difference.


Mike Jubb

Stephen Crowley
Welfare Officer

Daniel Ashcroft
Head Coach

Rav Dighe
Race Director

Nerys Bint
Venue Booking and Coach coordinator

Frances Holt
Communications (Social, Email, Web)

Suhela Dighe
Kit Manager

Nerys Bint
Membership Manager

Jag Halai

Catriona Bell
Kit Designer and Ordering

Fiona Durbin
Publicity and Sponsorship

Louise Barker