A very warm welcome to the Tri Force Juniors from the Club Captains & Girls Vice Captain

Welcome to Tri-Force Juniors!

My initial apprehension about the idea of a triathlon was eased as soon as I went along to training, with the relaxed atmosphere and friendly faces supporting you regardless of your level of experience.

Whether you turn up to keep fit or are a competitive triathlete, you can be certain you’ll have fun whilst improving your fitness and triathlon skills. I like this as a sport, as you are always training in a different way, working on all aspects of the three triathlon disciplines – Swimming, Cycling and Running – all this with the added bonus of experienced and skilled coaches.

Be part of one of the fastest growing sports, come along and give it a try!

After spending time at Tri-Force Juniors my swimming, cycling and running have improved massively.When I first joined the Club I was very apprehensive, however after a few fun training sessions I had already made some friends. I have really enjoyed the training sessions and I’m now in my 3rd Eastern Region Triathlon season and thanks to the support and advice from the coaches I’m getting closer to the top of my age group rankings in the Tri-Star 3 age category.I have been a member of many different clubs in the past, however at Tri-Force Juniors the coaches and the people around me are so much more supportive.

I love the feeling of training with the club and it is definitely something that I would recommend to others.

Membership Information

Full details, including costs, contact details and what the club can offer, can be found here

Our Aims for 2014

  • Increase our Junior Membership
  • Conduct an annual review of members, coaches and parents.
  • Increase the number of level 1 (currently 3), level 2 (currently 3) and level 3 (currently 2) coaches within the junior section.
  • Ensure that we provide a safe club environment for all.
  • Organise 2 junior social events per year.
  • Organise a junior race for all age groups.
  • Ensure that we effectively communicate with all members.
  • Develop links with local schools, swimming clubs, cycling clubs and athletics clubs.
  • Maximise publicity for races and training.
  • Create pathways for athletes with the ability to make the Eastern region development squad.
  • To prepare Juniors for the Eastern region race series.
  • Provide all new members with a club t-shirt, bag & Water bottle and the oppourtunity to purchase a club tri-suit.
  • Involve Parents as volunteers in running the Junior Section.
  • Publish and review our code of conduct for coaches, juniors and parents.
  • Explore avenues for club funding.

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