Beachborough Triathlon 2016

We arrived at Stowe school, the location for the South Central League triathlon on a very wet and rainy day. The setting was beautiful and the facilities very good. There was a very large entry of both boys and girls. The swimming pool was good and the cycle and running tracks were a mixture of grass and tarmac. The grass was kept in good condition but due to the rain was starting to get very wet and slippery. The organization for registration was very smooth and everyone was very helpful.

Matt Peck, who has only just joined the club, was competing in his second ever triathlon and had to wait until 2pm to start. He managed a good swim of 4.25 which put him in 4th place, and just as he came out from the swim the rain stopped briefly. He then managed a very good 2nd place bike ride of 17.07 despite the track being extremely wet and slippery, which caused quite a few riders who came off into the corners. Matt started the run in 2nd place and managed an 8th place in the run in 9.26 to finish in a time of 32.02 placing him 3rd in the Tristar 3 group, annoyingly only 3 seconds off the runner up who was 3 seconds quicker through the first transition.

Despite the rain we had a lovely day and would recommend this triathlon to anyone.