Bedford Autodrome Duathlon 2017

The Junior Bedford Aerodrome Duathlon is the first event of the 2017 Eastern League. The event’s popularity is very much enhanced by the race course, which for both the bike and run sections for all age groups, offers a unique  tarmac surface throughout and allows for  less cycling effort as is normally required on grass and quicker race times. There was a good turnout of athletes and supporters, ensuring that the well managed event was enjoyed by all participants.

Grey and wet conditions welcomed us, but it was at least mercifully mild compared to the February Velopark freezathon. Applying stickers onto a wet bike and helmet proved a challenge. Luckily I found some black tape lurking in my toolkit.

This season’s race had 7 Tri-Force athletes taking on the challenge and all overcame both the mental and physical barriers to provide terrific performances.

Katie Mcaree showed great willpower, determination and effort in her Tristar 3 event and received a great ovation at the finish. Four other Triforce athletes also competed in the Tristar 3 event, with Eva McCabe, Jessica Thorn, and Christie Durbin all managing a top 10 finish with Jennie Laird finishing a creditable 15th.

Eva’s family have put together this race report:

Eva had a good first run, running the 1.75km (not 2k) at 3.55min/km pace. She lost maybe 20secs from starting at the back of the pack. She was 6th out of 17 in her category going into T1. Running in bike shoes in the wet is never ideal and after a reasonable transition of 35 Secs Eva had a major slip / wobble at the mount line. Still in one piece, she got into her cycling well. After two laps, she had made her way up to 4th. Some winter cyclocross seems to have had the desired effect off improving her bike fitness. She then stayed in a loose group for the remainder of the 8k cycle. I forgot to mention to Eva that it was a non drafting race and was relieved that the group was sufficiently ‘loose’. Her average speed was approx. 32km/h, which shows what a fast circuit this is. Eva’s second run started well, but she then got a severe stitch that slowed her down quite a bit. She hung onto 4th place which she was delighted with.

Triforce also had two competitors in the boys Tristar 1 event; Callum Powell and Robbie Laird. Callum’s dad has written this report:

40 young athletes lined up for the Tristar 1 race

which was led into T1 by Robins (Infinity Tri) closely followed by Taylor (Walden Tri), Callum of Tri-Force and Van Aardt (4 Tri Life). Frustratingly Callum had a confusing T1; initially he couldn’t find his bike, then he could not fasten his helmet clip – this led to a 15 second gap being given away to the leaders as Callum left T1 in 8th place. After a lap of the Autodrome track, Callum had made up three places and was in 5th and by the close of the bike had ridden strongly to be 3rd into T2. A smoother transition followed and Callum chased hard to catch the 2nd placed athlete. This would have given him victory in the male category as Van Aardt won both the girls and race overall by 14 seconds. Sadly it wasn’t to be as Taylor of Walden Tri held on for the win by 9 seconds with Callum in 2nd place.

Well done to Robbie who did tremendously well to finish  6th out of the 23 T1 boys .

Full results are available here:

Triforce wish you all a safe and enjoyable 2017 season.

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