Bedford Autumn Aquathlon 2015

It was a very bright but chilly morning that greeted the 9 Tri-Force Juniors competitors that had travelled to Bedford for the autumn aquathlon.

2015 Bedford Autumn Aqua Team 7

The races are run on single school years rather than 2 year Tristar categories which gives kids in the younger age band Tristar category much more of a chance to make the podium.

First off in the Year 10 group was Alannah Mabbs who had first competed at Bedford when in year 4. Alannah will be the first to admit that she has reduced her training quite considerably since July, however a 2nd place in both the swim and run disciplines meant she came 2nd overall and received another certificate to her growing collection.

Alannah’s brother, James, was next off in the Year 9 race and was in 4th place coming out of the water. He put everything into the run which was rewarded with a 2nd place in that discipline and moved him up to 3rd place overall.

The largest contingent of Tri-Force Juniors was in the Year 8 girls race where the club were represented by Lauren Enever, Christy Durbin and Hannah Newman.
Due to the nature of a snake swim it is always difficult to gauge whereabouts in the field each child is positioned. Lauren was in 2nd place after her swim and transition, 52 seconds up on Christy who was in 7th= place. Christy has upped her run training recently and it showed, as she had the fastest run by 19 seconds while Lauren was 3rd on the run. When the results were read out it transpired that Lauren had come 2nd overall a mere 1 second ahead of Christy in 3rd. What a brilliant race girls.

Hannah had a good swim overtaking a few swimmers in the snake swim in the pool, but then had a few issues in transition which meant she came onto the run in 6th place. Unfortunately Hannah’s slightly weaker run discipline meant she had dropped down a place to finish 7th overall.

Our next competitor was Hannah’s brother Sam in the Year 7 race.  Sam’s weaker discipline is his swim but he still managed an excellent 3rd place as he came out the pool onto the run. Sam’s running has improved a lot this year and he was fastest in that discipline but unfortunately could not make up enough of the gap on the eventual winner but still improved to 2nd place overall.
2015 Bedford Autumn Aqua SN Trophy 2
One of the strongest competitors in her age group at Tri-Force Juniors is Antonia Jubb who competed in the Year 6 race which had one of the largest fields of the day. Antonia blew the field apart and was so far ahead after the swim the marshals were wondering where the rest of the competitors were. Antonia increased the gap with a very strong run and won the race with nearly 2 minutes to spare. An outstanding achievement.
2015 Bedford Autumn Aqua AJ Trophy 1
There was then a long wait until the final 2 Tri-Force Junior competitors took to the pool in the Year 4 event.
Mathew Enever has had an excellent season but came across a really strong competitor. Unfortunately for Mathew he was the leader of the snake which enabled the other boy to stick to him like glue. Every time Mathew tried to make a break on the run the gap was closed down immediately. Mathew finally did manage to make a break but unfortunately it was too close to the end of the race to really count. Mathew ended up coming an excellent 2nd overall a mere 5 seconds behind the winner. Hopefully next time it will be roles reversed.
2015 Bedford Autumn Aqua ME Trophy 1
 Benjamin Taggart has only started competing this year, however a very good swim and run meant he came home 5th overall a tantalising 6 seconds off the podium.

The team as a whole can be very proud of their achievements gaining 7 podium positions.

While waiting for the prize presentation, which is never the quickest as there is also an adult triathlon going on at the same time, the kids got into the spirit of the Rugby World Cup and team bonding as can be seen by their scrummaging and line out displays.

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