Castle Howard Triathlon 2016

They say that it’s less crowded up North….

Not so last Saturday 23rd July 2016!!!  Everybody off to the seaside or something so two-and-half hours to get from Pontefract past York to Castle Howard for the junior triathlon…

At least Dad had gone in advance to do the “Brideshead Revisited” Triathlon (800m swim, 46k bike, 8k trail run), so at least he had Christy’s bike and helmet there ready…  He also managed to persuade the race organizers to delay the children’s race start by 15 minutes (as there were a few other stuck on the roads as well…) and get her registration pack so numbered the bike, helmet and prepared the race belt/number ready….

Once Christy arrived and ran to registration to meet dad she just managed to rack the bike, clip in her shoes, place (??) her helmet, running shoes, glasses, inhaler next to the bike and hurry down to the lake… No time for a wetsuit (thank goodness the lake was 24 degrees!) and she missed most of briefing…. 1 minute to go before start…. Into the water…

84 starters aged 13 – 15 for the 300m swim which was reasonably uneventful apart from the weed and silt at the swim exit… several came out looking like monsters from the deep….

A 400m steep uphill run to transition (there’s a theme here… remember Leeds?) and short run with the bike to the mount line, then back downhill across ruts and bumps onto a gravel track before a 500m grass climb to a stone bridge over a fell river… (this was the adult run course that many could only just walk up…).  Then back down… and up… and down… round lakes, through muddy paths, past the wonderful front of house… before up another hill through an apple orchard and towards transition… 4k done… and now repeat for lap 2!!!!
2016 Castle Howard Tri CD Bike 1

Finally bike over and off the bike to start the run…  Well you can guess the next bit… up… down… round… steep up… steep down… 2k done…. Pick up band for lap 2!!!!

Finally, after the 4k run, it’s a reasonably flat last 100m sprint home to the finish!
2016 Castle Howard Tri CD Run 1

Christy did well to finish as 7th girl from 31 girls in the 13 – 15 category (combined T3 and younger youth age group).  Not sure she wants to do that again in a hurry – everything HURTS!  Not surprising as a 300swim, 8k bike, 4k run is significantly longer than anything she has done in the past… and even more hilly!  Well done anyway!

At least after a picnic in front of Castle Howard, a huge cheer for Bailey Matthews  and a welcome massage, the drive back to Pontefract was a completed in a reasonable hour.

Looking forward to the next events a bit nearer to home!  But of course there is the final event of the Castle series at Hever Castle (24/25 September to look forward to!)

(And Bailey Mathews will be there – so if he can do it, so can anyone!)