Chilly Triathlon 2016

On the first Sunday in April the alarm went at 5am, yet another early morning for me following the Trisport Epping Aquathon the day before. Only three days earlier I had seen the Chilly Triathlon advertised and I decided to enter mainly because the distance was very similar to the Youth distance. With the minimum age of 15, I was just old enough and it would be my first adult triathlon. The swim was 400m and the run was 5km –  both of which are my Youth distances but what made me most excited, as the bike is my favourite discipline, was the 20km bike ride. I couldn’t wait! In my opinion junior triathlons should have longer cycles, so this seemed like the perfect first adult event.

The event itself was well organised and was held at the Luton Inspire Sports Village, starting in the 50m pool, with the slower swimmers first. I was near the back of the line which made me a little anxious, as the fastest person planned to do the swim in just 4:20, and I had raced yesterday – really bad planning! Anyway, I completed the swim in 6:47 which all considered I felt was a steady time.

The next part was when it could have got very chaotic! Due to the “chilly” weather the first transition was a ‘dead transition’ in which all competitors had up to 15 minutes to get dry and changed before they began on the bike. I found this incredibly strange as usually transition is where you want to spend as little time as possible, so I probably didn’t use all the time available but it was nice to be dry when I stepped outside. As this was an adult event it was not on closed roads and this was a new experience for me and so, with numerous roundabouts ahead I was slightly nervous. Luckily the race all went incredibly smoothly with lots of marshals giving guidance. I finished the bike in 47:46 which I was very happy with. I really enjoyed the bike course and would happily do it again.

As I set off on the run my legs were achy, probably not helped by the day before. In the course information the run was supposedly on grass and unlike the bike was not said to be particularly hilly but when setting out on the run it was on tarmac before going onto a muddy and gravelly track. More importantly there was a massive hill about 3km through. I was unimpressed by this unannounced hill but I still managed to finish in a time of 1:29:38, 16th female and 63rd out of 117 total competitors.

2016 Chilly Triathlon NHI would definitely do this triathlon again next year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.