East Essex Triathlon June 2017

A large group of Tri-Force Junior members arrived early for registration in Basildon with the promise of a glorious sunny day. While the parents battled with number belts, helmet numbers and numbers to be attached to bikes, the kids patiently waited for transition to open up. There was a slight delay to timings due to strong winds which proved to be a feature throughout the race

All the Tristar and Youth races were always going to be very competitive with all the top triathletes from the region taking part.

So on to the racing where we only had Louis Paganuzzi taking part in the Youth race. The swim and bike started well with an 11th position in both, however one of the marshals made a mistake on the run waving Louis in early. While they tried to rectify the error by doubling the run time, it meant the overall position of 16th was not representative of Louis’ ability.

The Tristar 3 age group was well represented and included 7 Tri-Force members: Eva McCabe, Jess Thorn, Francesca Paganuzzi , Caitlin Hartley, Aidan Mclean, Tom Jarman and Zak Mohammedbhai

Eva and Jess had yet another close battle as both girls are consistently good across all three disciplines. Eva narrowly edged Jess on the swim to emerge in 3rd place by 13 seconds but Jess then made up the gap during transition.  The bike leg was equally close with a 2nd place for Eva and 6th place for Jess. Jess had the fastest Transition 2 in Tristar 3 which then made for an exciting run. Both girls did exceptionally well with Eva finishing 4th and Jess 5th overall out of field of 24.

Tri-Force’s dominance on the swim continued. Francesca Paganuzzi had a strong 8th place swim, followed by a 19th position on the bike and a 16th position on the run. This gave her 17th overall. Caitlin Hartley produced a fantastic swim to be in 4th place and combined a 23rd place bike and 21st place run to come 20th overall.

On to the boys, Aidan had an excellent 9th place swim, 22nd place bike, before putting a strong 7th place run to come 12th overall out of a field of 28. Tom just pipped Aidan on the swim to emerge in 8th place. He then had a consistent 20th place bike and run to finish 15th overall. Zak has moved up to Tristar 3 this year. He had a consistent 22nd, 23rd, and 26th places in the swim, bike and run disciplines respectively to come 25th overall.

In the Tristar 2 category, we had 3 Tri-Force representatives: Jamie Powell, Jonathan Bint and Robyn Hartley.

Jamie had a good race though struggled on the very windy bike section – possibly a consequence of a tiring school residential in Norfolk the preceding week! However, with the 12th best swim and 8th quickest run either side of the bike he managed a very creditable 13th place in the boys and 15th overall in what is a very competitive age group. A small bonus to add was the quickest T2 of the 81 competitors!

Jonathan’s race was all about consistency with a 38th, 36th and 34th places in the swim, bike and run disciplines respectively to come 37th overall. Given that there were 56 boys taking part, Jonathan was pleased with the overall results and that he managed to overtake a number of Hoddesdon ‘rivals’ on the run.

Robyn, like her sister, had a great 11th placed swim and showed great determination on the bike and swim to finish 23rd overall.

Finally, racing in the Tristar 1 category, where Lucas Hartley, Callum Powell and Rebecca Bint took part.

Another race and Lucas Hartley continues his success with another podium finish. His 1st place swim always puts him in a strong position but with a 7th place bike and swim, he came 3rd overall.

Callum had another consistent race with the ‘usual suspects’ in his category hoping to fill the podium places. With Conway (BRJ Run and Tri) and Robins (Infinity) seemingly in a class of their own this season Dylan Hartley (also Tri Force), Taylor (Walden also a first year in the age group) and Callum fought it out with some excellent swimming, biking and running on what was a challenging day with a very strong wind and the sun beating down. Putting together the 12th best swim, 6th bike and 2nd quickest run Callum made his way into 8th place overall and 6th boy home.

Lastly for the Tristar 1 girls, we had Rebecca taking part. She had a steady swim coming out in 26th position. By this stage, the wind had really picked up but she managed a fantastic 24th place on the bike (her least favourite discipline). The sun was also quite strong by mid afternoon and there were a number of T1 girls who had to stop on the run due to the conditions. Rebecca took a steady pace to come 26th overall out of a field of 35.