European Triathlon Championships 2015

Report by Fiona Durbin

On July 10th, Frankie Durbin (coach) represented GB in the under 20’s Age Group European sprint distance Triathlon Championships in Geneva. Frankie and her mum drove out to Geneva a few days before to acclimatise to the high temperatures and see the route. When they arrived it was 42 degrees and Fiona had to go in search of fans! Bearing in mind Frankie only started competing in tris in 2014 and did her first open water sprint tri in September they very much felt rookies! Bikes and helmets had to be racked 24 hours before. The lake was apparently infested with duck fleas and it was thought wetsuits would be prohibited. With Hawaii 5 O music blasting out of the PA system on repeat and the huge scale of the event, the whole family started to feel a bit anxious! Luckily by race day the temperatures cooled to 29degrees and wetsuits were allowed. There were 26 Junior women, 17 of whom were from GBR! Frankie had secured the 17th spot so expectations were not high and they had gone to learn what it was all about! Fiona was quite pleasantly surprised to see Frankie exit the swim in 17th place. Transition was a little slow by Frankie’s standards and she set off on the 3 laps of the hilly bike course on the outskirts of Geneva. Frankie climbed the hill very well but then dropped her water bottle. She chose to stop and retrieve the bottle rather than get a time out penalty! By the end of T2 she was in 19th place but a reasonable run took her back to finish 17th overall. She was 10th Brit – so quite a lot better than expected and was 5th Brit on the run. After a leisurely lunch and ice cream, her sister and Dad left; Christy to compete in Upminister and Paul to prepare for the Triforce race. Frankie and Fiona stayed a couple of days, to watch the elite competitors. Frankie broke her gluten fast to enjoy her favourite Swiss treat – un carac and cycled another 60k the next morning up into the Alps! The trip was a great experience not to be missed! So all Mums and Dads and Youths – have a look at the Age Group Tri events and it could be you next year! Frankie now looks forward to her next Age Group event – the World Champs in Chicago in September. All sponsorship ideas welcome!!