Hever Castle Triathlon 2016

The Castle series of junior triathlons is quite unlike anything in the East region… Christy Durbin arrived in Hever along with another 400 boys and girls in TriStar 2 and 3 in glorious September sunshine.
2016 HeverChristy’s wave was first off. She had a good 300m lake swim followed by a long run into transition. Unfortunately her row of racking had no matting so she had to run bare foot across the stones to the bike mount (her shoes were clipped to the bike). As she bounced round the bumpy coarse she was blocked and crashed… The chain came off and jammed so she ran with the bike until a helpful marshal could help her fix the bike… She completed the rest of the 8k bike course and then had a good final 4k run finishing 6th from 64 girls, not a bad result as she was the youngest in the 13 – 15 age group.