HSV May Triathlon

The HSV race which the Tri-Force Seniors run is one of those very early morning events which takes place twice a year while most normal people are still in bed. The course is being set up from 5am in the morning before the race starts at around 6:30am. The swim is in the pool at HSV but the depth of the pool is dropped to 1.8m which does actually make it more difficult.

The bike course is a 20km out and back and heads from HSV through the business park then through Jersey Farm before returning back to the business park along Coopers Green Lane.

The run for those involved is very thankfully a flat loop of the campus 4 times. Like always at the beginning of May the weather can vary dramatically and this year it was a chilly start with thick mist and only 6 degrees as the competitors set up.

There were a number of parents of the Tri-Force Juniors taking part in the race (Mike Weston, Mike Jubb, Mick Trotman, Dani Pruett though Matt Jarman had to pull out with an injury) along with the Tri-Force Juniors Girls Vice Captain Naomi Holt. This gave a lot of us plenty to shout encouragement to around the course.

The race starts with the slowest swimmers first based on their estimated 400m time which usually a good number get completely wrong and makes for an interesting first 15 mins of the race, the times range from 15 min down to 4:30 sec. Those with a swimming background and a fast swim time then set off with the really quick triathletes and those who’s weakest discipline is the bike usually finish way after everyone else as the bike is by far the longest part of the race.

There were around 50 marshals either on the campus, around the bike course or in the pool hall, generally directing competitors, trying to help in transition as lots always have this as their first race and are often completely confused on the day.

From a marshalling point of view it goes so quickly it’s usually all finished and broken down by 9:30am so those turning up at HSV don’t even know there has been a race.

Tri-Force Juniors Parents Results

Mick Trotman 1:13:19 6th in age group

Mike Weston 1:17:34 5th in age group

Dani Pruett 1:23:08 2nd in age group

Relay Tri-Force vs Hoddesdon –¬†Mike Jubb (bike leg) 34:07

Mike was giving away a lot of advantage to the Hoddesdon rider who is a time trial specialist and I overheard has gone under 20mins for 10 miles which is some feat (ave in excess of 30mph) Hoddesdon won the relay by 24 seconds.

Naomi wrote about her race:

“Yet another early morning for my second adult triathlon. I was a lot more confident on this triathlon as I felt that I was a little more experienced than last time, but this time I had a goal. To beat my previous time.

It was not dark when I left my home and arrived at HSV but this did not stop it from being freezing cold. As it was a Tri-Force event I knew a few more people either helping out at the event or doing it. My start time was relatively late which annoyingly meant lots of hanging around. I completed the swim a little faster than usual and set out on the cycle. Compared with my previous experience at the Chilly Triathlon it was reasonably flat with only a few small hills towards the turning point at Sandringham School. I returned to HSV and began on the run, which as Sean had promised was as flat as a pancake!

I got my result 1 hour 24 minutes and 12 seconds to find that I had beaten my previous time by almost five minutes and had come 2nd in my age group so I was really happy and would love another adult event soon, hopefully to improve my time again.”

2016 HSV Triathlon NH Fin 1