Inter Regional Championship Triathlon, Mallory Park 2015

The Inter Regional Championships bring the top 3  Tristar 2 and Tristar 3 triathletes from the 12 regions together to compete in what is effectively the national championships.

The East Region had 2 selection races earlier in the year at Walden and Cambridge to determine the make up of the teams with the top 2 from each gender and age group automatically gaining qualification into the East Region team and the third member being selected by the East Region coach.

Sophie Mabbs gained automatic qualification, however having competed in a trial race at Mallory Park in July where she had needed immediate first aid after the race for her leg issues and seeing the grueling training schedule that had been set up by the East Region, the very difficult decision was made that to protect her body for the years ahead she was withdrawn from the team.

As a result, Tri-Force Juniors had no representatives in the East Region team this year where they finished 7th out of the 12 regions.