Ipswich Junior Triathlon 2015

Report by Tim Newman

The Ipswich triathlon required a marathon journey up the A12 to then discover that the race wasn’t actually in Ipswich but several more miles beyond, in the village of Framlingham.  By means of compensation, the pool was warm and the course was one of the more interesting ones on the circuit, with a few hills on both the run and bike legs.  There was also a requirement to do a foot-down stop twice per lap on the bike course – it all felt like a cycling proficiency test carried out as fast as possible!!!

As if all that wasn’t exhausting enough a certain family (step forward the Jubbs!) managed to mix up the date of the race and turned up on the Saturday, encountering that incredible sinking feeling when you pull into the car park and realise that no-one else is there!  Not the ideal preparation for the race!

On arrival the team set up their base camp and the kids were very relaxed waiting for their turn to race.

First off in the races were the Tri 1 girls – Sara Laitner and Antonia Jubb.
Antonia swam excellently to come out in first place but then struggled (compared to her usual high standards) on the bike and run legs to slip back to 6th overall.  Perhaps the mileage put in over the two days didn’t help!  Sara, on the other hand, managed to put in consistent performances on all legs to come in 4th place, and not too far behind 3rd.

In the Tri 2 girls, Christina Durbin was our sole representative.  Like Sara beforehand, Christina managed a consistent showing throughout to finish 4th overall and only a few seconds behind 2nd and 3rd.  4th place is becoming a habit this year for Christina, much to her evident frustration!

In the Tri 2 boys, Sam Newman was our only competitor.  Sam put in a reasonable swim, but still ended up in 15th place.  However, he relished the more technical bike and run legs (finishing 8th on both) to come in 8th overall and again, only a few seconds behind those in front.  All those ‘marginal gains’ make a difference!

In the Tri 3 girls we had 4 competitors: Jessica Laitner, Tori Weston, Naomi Holt and Hannah Newman.  As usual it was all very close.  Jessica came out 1st on the swim and run – and with a solid 8th on the bike leg she led the way coming 5th overall.  Naomi managed to walk the bike course before the race, appreciated its technicalities and couldn’t wait to ride it.  This bore fruit with a 5th place on the bike leg, combined with top-1os in the swim and run, allowing her to come in 7th overall.  Tori obviously sat too close to Naomi and Hannah waiting for the race to start and caught the “I can’t count” virus that afflicted them at Wi-Tri.  This caused Tori to swim 2 lengths too many and despite her best efforts in the reminder of the race she could only manage 8th place overall.

2015 Ipswich NH & TW Fin 1

Hannah put in gritty performance all round, including a solid swim leg, to finish 12th.

In the Youth boys, our Boys Club Captain Matthew Honeyman had a strong performance at one of his favourite events of the season coming 4th overall and 1st for the younger age band category. A strong 3rd place swim just behind the leaders put him in strong contention from the start and helped provide a big cushion for the very closely fought bike and run sections where he was placed 8th in both. Thankfully the drier conditions by midday meant Matthew’s road bike & tyres weren’t as much a liability on the bike section than they might otherwise have been.

Despite no podium finishes to get two thirds of the team in the top 6 is still an excellent achievement, especially as the course is so different to any other on the East Region circuit.

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