Kimbolton Junior Triathlon 2015

Report by Tim Newman

We had only a few entries for this year’s Kimbolton Race.  It’s a great event, but with it coinciding with the start of summer holidays for some, we were a bit down on numbers.  Still, the event was on the same grand scale as last year and each group had a classy field making it tough to do well.

First up was Mackenzie Holt in the TriStart girls.  After a gutsy swim, Mackenzie was handily placed in 5th place.  She then turned on the after-burners and powered round the bike course in a brilliant 3rd place.  This took a bit out of her, but she knuckled down on the run for a 7th place and a fabulous 3rd place overall.  Our first (and as it turned out) only podium finish of the day.  Well done Mackenzie!

2015 Kimbolton Tri MH Trophy 1

Next up was Antonia Jubb in the Tri1 girls.  Antonia has been doing brilliantly this year and expectations were high coming into this event.  We weren’t to be disappointed as Antonia was in 1st place after a classy swim and quickly through transition and onto the bike.  The bike course was quite technical with lots of fiddly hairpins and 90 degree turns and perhaps Antonia ended up in the wrong gear from time-to-time.  Still these were minor quibbles, as she ended up in a very creditable 6th place.  Any lost time was soon made up with a powerful 2nd place in the run, but it wasn’t quite enough for a podium finish – Antonia was pipped into 4th place, only 4 seconds behind 3rd and 7 seconds behind 1st.  Close, but no cigar!!!!

Then came Sam Newman in the Tri2 boys.  We didn’t know quite what to expect, as Sam either has a blinder, or ends up in some calamity of other!!  The Tri2 boys races are also a bit of a nightmare this year, with lots of really good athletes and this was no exception with 63 Tri2 boys competing!  Sam must have been pleased with his 17th place on the swim, as it is – by far – his weakest event.  However, this enthusiasm was soon dampened as a wrong turn at the end of the first bike lap meant a u-turn and some crucial lost seconds.  “Calamity Sam” strikes again!  Sam did knuckle down after this and made up time to finish 12th on the bike and after a solid 14th place run he came in 12th overall.  A good performance, with a few things to learn too…..

Finally we had Naomi Holt and Hannah Newman in the Tri3 girls.  After the swim all looked great with Naomi 8th (out of 27) and Hannah 10th.  Naomi putting in a stonking bike-leg to come in 4th (overtaking the eventual race winner in the process).  Hannah also put in a huge effort, but struggled with the constant gear-changing required by the twisty course and could only manage 21st place.  Buoyed by her bike leg, Naomi gritted her teeth on the run (her least favourite leg) and got round in 18th to finish 8th overall.  A fantastic performance!  Hannah tried her best on the run, but her legs were shot after the in-top-gear-all-the-time exertions on the bike leg and she made it round in 21st place to come in 24th overall and the promise of a long lie down!!

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