Kimbolton Junior Triathlon 2016

Although we were somewhat unsure of what to expect when attending this event, having been previously advised that it was a larger, more corporate styled showcase swamped with numerous stalls and eateries, arrivals to this year’s Kimbolton Junior Triathlon would have been surprised to note that very few stalls indeed had in fact turned up, and refreshments were limited, being served from just two ice cream vans. Neither provided options to purchase hot food or any hot drinks, which proved a frustration to some, although apparently a local village shop was offering coffee’s for those prepared to walk out of the event grounds.

In essence however, this more serene atmosphere, helped to embrace the charming rural setting of Kimbolton School with it’s large mansion house and well tended lawns, lake and luscious tree lined surroundings.
2016 Kimbolton Tri HR & JT Pre Race 2This, coupled with warm if intermittent sunshine throughout the afternoon, ensured that the participants and supporters alike had a relaxed and very enjoyable time.

Tri-Force had set up camp beneath our two orange flags, half way down the course, with good  views to see both the meandering snake swim line bike course and the run route, although for those wanting to cheer their children down the final run in, it was necessary for them to leave their seats and gather close to the commentators marquee.

As for the Tri-Force competitors, their were seven representatives in all, with Antonia Jubb and Sam Newman representing us in the Tristar 2 event, Matthew Peck, Emily Rayden, Jessica Thorn and Hannah Newman for Tristar 3, and for the youth category, we had Hannah Rayden.

Once the Tristars and Tris Star 1’s had completed their event, it was Antonia Jubb’s turn first in the orange of Tri-Force.

A great swim meant that Antonia was the fastest out of the pool of all 33 girls and looked strong starting out on the bike, however, her nemesis Beatrice Pauley from BRJ , also had a good swim but pulled away on the bike , finishing  with a 42 second lead over Antonia for the cycle section. Knowing there was just seconds between them, Antonia dug in with a superb run, beating Beatrice by 36 seconds on the run, however,  unfortunately, with the odd second eaten up in transition, the finish could not have been closer, with Antonia eventually claiming second place with just 8 seconds difference between the two.
2016 Kimbolton Tri AJ Trophy 1Great effort Antonia.

As for Sam Newman, I feel that Sam is growing more confident of his abilities and getting stronger and stronger in each discipline, holding his own throughout the event and recording very significant times, especially in the bike and run sections , and he eventually came in a superb 13th out of 52 competitors. Which is a great effort Sam, keep it up.

Our first Tristar 3 competitor was Matthew Peck, finishing his swim as 2nd fastest, and whilst this was followed by a slow first transition, he still remained in the top three after a strong bike ride. Staying strong for the final run section, meant that Mathew maintained his podium position, finally finishing an excellent third out of 29 competitors.
2016 Kimbolton Tri MP Trophy 1Hannah Newman, like her younger brother, continues to show great enthusiasm and improvement in each discipline of  the event, especially her swim, reaching a top 10 time in the pool and finally finishing her race a respectable 16th out of 22 thanks to a huge sprint finish at the end
2016 Kimbolton Tri HN Fin 1with 3 girls all being given the same overall time.

As for our other two competitor’s for this category, Emily Rayden and Jessica Thorn had a close and hard fought battle of their own, with Emily finishing faster in the pool by 12 seconds and excitingly both recording the exact same time on the run, although Jess had a faster outing on the bike, which eventually pushed her ahead overall by just 8 seconds.
Their final placing’s were an impressive 5th for Jess and 6th for Emily.
Look forward to the next time girls!

Our oldest competitor, hoping to include herself in providing excellent performances offered by Tri-Force, was Hannah Rayden competing in the youth section.

Despite one of the slower swimmers on this occasion, Hannah was up with the leaders coming out of the bike section, and assisted by an excellent 2nd transition and the fastest run of all the competitors, Hannah, jumped up the leader board to finish just outside a podium finish in 4th out of the 10 competitors.
Great performance Hannah.

And so ended another successful day for the orange of Tri-Force, not only with finishes of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and two other top 10 finishes, but individual improvements were also in evidence, and  it seems clear to me that the Tri-Force team keep getting stronger and stronger with every event they compete in.

Well done to you all.

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