Kimbolton Triathlon July 2017

The Kimbolton triathlon takes place in Cambridgeshire, approximately 1 hour from St Albans. The school grounds are stunningly beautiful and are overlooked by an impressive castle.


There was a good turnout with 8 Tri-Force present at this event.

The weather forecast was for storms with torrential rain and unfortunately it was spot on.  With the adult triathlon earlier in the morning, the race director made the decision to downgrade the triathlon to an aquathlon as the bike course was considered to be too dangerous.

The bad weather was not the only delay to proceedings. One of the junior competitors (not Tri-Force) passed out unconscious during the storm and was initially unresponsive. An air ambulance was called and landed on the run course. Fortunately a thumbs-up from the pilot told us that the boy was ok and they left shortly afterwards.

The swim leg started with a snake start. While estimate swim times were submitted in advance with the slower swimmers starting first, some of the competitors times were a little unrealistic with large gaps then bunching. None of the spectators were allowed in the pool area so the parents huddled together on the exit to transition. From here, there was a good view of the run course.

The Tristar 1 field was the large of the day with 84 competitors (37 girls and 47 boys). The times posted for each discipline were quite tight between all the competitors.

  • Callum Powell finished 8th (12th placed swim and a 6th place run)
  • Robbie Laird finished 9th (9th placed swim and a 4th place run, although transition times were slower)
  • Rebecca Bint finished 26th (24th placed swim and a 27th place run)

We had another delay before the Tristar 2 race as a number of older children had been to watch their siblings cross the finish line and had crossed the timing mats and registered a start time. The race organisers reset all of the times and the Tristar 2 race began.

There was another big field for the Tristar 2 course with 82 competitors (35 girls and 47 boys).

  • Antonia Jubb finished 1st (fastest swim and run)
  • Jaime Powell finished 7th (7th placed swim and a 10th place run)
  • Jonathan Bint finished 26th (30th placed swim and a 36th placed run which was slower than usual due to a twisted ankle on the wet mud)

Our final competitors were in the Tristar 3 race where were 60 competitors taking part (25 girls, 35 boys)

  • Christy Durbin finished 1st (fastest swim and a 2nd place run)
  • Jess Thorn finished 7th (4th placed swim and a 9th place run)

Congratulations to everyone who took part.