Letchworth Duck n Dash Aquathlon September 2018

The Letchworth Duck and Dash aquathlon was held on 2nd September. This is the only open air swimming pool event in the Eastern Region League and one that is popular among our members. We had a really good turnout of 12 club members.

We saw some fantastic racing and there was a great team spirit with kids and parents cheering on the club members. A big congratulations to all who took part. Here are some photos of the winners.

Full results can be found on http://results.eventchiptiming.com/Results.aspx?CId=16202&RId=8115.

In Tristar 1, there were 33 girls and 26 boys competing. TFJ results are as follows:

TS1 Male Hugo Crowley 11th 8 min 24 sec
TS1 Male Elijah Storti 13th 8 min 33 sec
TS1 Female Eva Dighe 16th 9 min 05 sec
TS1 Female Rebecca Bint 17th 9 min 06 sec

In Tristar 2, there were 28 girls and 35 boys competing. TFJ results are as follows:

TS2 Female Florence Crowley 1st 12min 34 sec
TS2 Female Mackenzie Holt 8th 16min 00 sec
TS2 Female Robyn Hartley 26th 21min 03 sec
TS2 Male Ethan Storti 4th 13min 00 sec Only 33 secs off 3rd
TS2 Male Lucas Hartley 10th 14min 20 sec
TS2 Male Jonathan Bint 15th 14min 56 sec

In Tristar 3, there were 16 girls competing. TFJ results are as follows:

TS3 Female Antonia Jubb 1st 17min 24 sec

In Youth, there were 4 girls competing. TFJ results are as follows:

Youth Female Eva McCabe 1st 30 min 08 sec Third time she has won