Olympic Velopark London Fields Childrens Duathlon 2016

Christy Durbin was the only member from Tri-Force to go to the Velopark duathlon hosted by the London Fields triathlon club but had a good race.

She had a strong first run coming in to T1 26 seconds ahead of the next girl.  On the bike however she dropped almost 20 seconds per lap so that by the time she come in after the 5th lap she was around a minute behind.  Christy had another strong run at the end but she could not close the gap so came in 2nd – still a good performance with her legs strapped up as usual this season!

After the race she had a wonderful hot chocolate and good game of table tennis against James Fraser from Walden juniors outside the cafe in glorious early spring sunshine.

Looking forward to the next duathlon at the velopark later in the autumn!