Tri-Force Juniors Club Championships 2016

The final club event of the season was the club championships held at Sandringham School where the weather at times was to say challenging at the very least but vindicated the decision to switch the relay and club championship dates around.

Due to various availability issues it was necessary to deliver the kit for the course to the school on the Saturday – a big thank you to Jason Crooks for helping out even though none of his kids were competing on the Sunday.

With the course set up, the kids registered for both the triathlon and scootathlon, all of the kit set up in transition
2016 Club Champs Transition 1most of the kids (won’t name names) listened to all the instructions being given by Paul Durbin the race director before they set off to the swimming pool changing rooms to get ready. In the meantime the parents volunteered to lap count,
2016 Club Champs Lap Counters 1time keep, man the drinks station.

With everything in place Andy and Frances Holt set the first wave off which due to Alannah Mabbs, Ros Chase and Tom Jarman being unable to compete for various reasons only contained 2 Youth Girls and a single Tristar 3 Boy.

Naomi Holt was the first out of the pool followed by James Mabbs and finally Hannah Trotman in her weakest of the 3 disciplines. Despite Naomi having a reasonable lead at the start of the bike leg, she didn’t rest on her laurels and continued to increase her lead over Hannah and put in a stunning bike leg performance. Hannah knew that, despite being the quicker runner, her only hope was for Naomi to succumb to a stitch on the run but this time it did not happen and Naomi won with about 2 and a half minutes to spare. James in the meantime was taking the whole race very casually, chatting to his parents, cycling one handed
2016 Club Champs JM Bike 9and just making sure that he got across the finish line and didn’t end up in a crumpled heap like last year.

At last with the second wave of Tristar 3 girls the course started to get a bit busier and some actual close racing could take place, although both Katie McAree and Lauren Enever were unable to take part due to illness.
It was always anticipated that there would be a close race between 2 of the regular East Region competitors, Jessica Thorn and Christy Durbin, with Christy being the chaser as she is the slightly slower swimmer. All looked to be going to plan with Jess out of the pool first, followed by Eva McCabe, a new member who was competed in triathlons previously, with Christy and Isobel West closely behind

and Jordan Walters just slightly further back.
Christy despite overtaking Eva on the bike was unable to challenge Jess for the lead who eventually won with a minute to spare with Eva a further minute behind in 3rd. Jordan had an excellent bike and run section to overtake Isobel and close down rapidly on Eva who ended up only 20 seconds in front.

The next wave contained 6 Tristar 2 boys including 3 new members Jamie Powell, Harry Lines and Finn Bullen. The swim was really close with Harry Lines leading the way followed by Jamie Powell, William Hughes, Ben Whiting and Zac Mohammedbhai with Finn Bullen slightly further back. The transition area was frenetic getting, shoes, tops, race belts, cycle helmets on
2016 Club Champs T2 Boys Tran 6trying to be first out onto the bike course with Jamie just getting out in front of Harry and William in 3rd place.
William used all his experience of competing on the East Region circuit for the last few years to gradually reel in and pass Jamie
2016 Club Champs WH & JP Bike 1and retain his lead all the way to the finish, winning by about 1 and a half minutes. Behind Jamie, Zac showed the advantage of having a much lighter bike and far more experience of triathlon racing to pass Harry and secure the final podium position. Ben and Finn were having their own battles and sadly Finn fell into the well known Tri-Force Juniors trap (it happens to the most experienced) of miscounting his run laps and therefore sadly had to be disqualified.
Hopefully all 3 new members really enjoyed the event and have been encouraged to attend training and get ready for the 2017 season.

The Tristar 2 Girls race was always going to be a battle for 2nd place as Antonia Jubb is one of the stars of the East Region in her age category. Antonia was out of the pool and onto her bike before the other 5 girls had reached transition and continued to stretch away with over 5 minutes to spare.
For the other 5, Molly Young lead with Francesca Paganuzzi and Maisy Manson in very close attendance and Joy Walters and Zara Mohammedbhai only a short distance further back. Just like the boys race there was the mad rush in transition to get on the bike first with Molly being the leader.
2016 Club Champs T2 Girls Tran 5Francesca gradually pulled away from the rest of the field on her mum’s bike and secured 2nd place with 2 and a half minutes to spare.
Molly and Maisy seemed to be glued together on the course

while Zara gradually pulled away from Joy on the bike.
What Molly and Maisy were not expecting was Zara (in the orange t shirt) to put in a storming run to overtake both of them
2016 Club Champs MM Run 2
and snatch the final podium position with Maisy, Molly and Joy in close pursuit – only 45 seconds separating the 4 of them.
Great racing girls.

The age group with the largest number of competitors, 10, was the Tristar 1 Boys which meant that they had to be split into 2 waves of 5 with the anticipated slower competitors going in the first wave.
First out of the pool from the first wave was Ben Taggart followed by Samuel George, Robbie Laird, Daniel Mohammedbhai and the ever smiling Ciro Sadikot. Apart from Robbie Laird who stormed to the front during the bike and run the order remained the same for the whole race. Robbie actually had his best race of the season so far finishing only 9 seconds off the podium – was it the incentive of quickly getting to the barbeque which was very kindly manned by his dad Jim for the free hotdogs?
2016 Club Champs Barbeque 1The second wave saw Tom Pruett out of the swim first followed by Mathew Enever and Pedro Gomez-Jones with newish member Matthew Stephens and Jonathan Bint coming out together closely behind. The order didn’t change coming out onto the bike course apart from Jonathan getting much closer to Pedro. Pedro then showed his class with an excellent bike and run to win by over a minute from Mathew Enever competing in his first year in this age category. Behind was the closest of races between 2 old foes Tom and Jonathan. With Barry Thorn whipping up the crowd with his commentary
2016 Club Champs Commentator 1Jonathan gradually closed the gap on Tom on the run and they both sprinted for the finish line and the timekeepers were unable to separate them so both made it onto the podium.
Matthew was unable to keep up the fast pace of the other boys in his wave but will have learnt a lot finishing 8th overall and knows what to work on during the winter months.
Well done to all the boys on some great racing.

For the second year running the Tristar 1 girls race was quite poorly supported with only 5 competitors taking part but the girls certainly made it an exciting race. Florence Crowley was first into transition closely followed by Meghan Gray and then a gap to Katy Manson with Mackenzie Holt immediately on her tail and Emily Manson slightly further back. Mackenzie showed her experience of racing to get out of transition quickly and set off in hot pursuit of Florence and Meghan on her bike. Florence and Meghan must have put in a near identical cycle time as on return to transition the gap between them was almost identical. Onto the run and Florence kept checking behind to see if Meghan was closing her down with Meghan also looking behind to see how close Mackenzie was getting. In the end the order remained the same with Florence winning by 12 seconds from Meghan and Mackenzie only 15 seconds further back.
There is a saying that twins are inseparable and Katy and Emily certainly tried to prove that point. They left transition onto the bike together
2016 Club Champs KM & EM Tran 1and they arrived back into transition after the cycle together.
2016 Club Champs KM & EM Tran2 1Katy eventually broke away from her sister on the run to finish 4th.

The final wave of swimmers was the Tristar Starts with Callum Powell and Beau Knight in the boys race and Rebecca Bint unfortunately on her own in the girls event.
Beau led the field out of the swim with Callum immediately behind him and Rebecca smiling away coming out last. Callum was very glad to get to transition to find that his brother Jamie had finished his cycle in the Tristar 2 race as they were sharing bikes and the seat had been moved down by one of the coaches. Callum then raced away from Beau to win with over 2 minutes to spare from Beau who had Rebecca hot on his heels only 3 seconds further back.
Well done to all 3 and hopefully this is the start of an enjoyable career in the sport of triathlon.

The final races started in the car park with the under 8s taking part in a scootathlon. While the 2 girls watched on the 3 boys, Hugo Crowley aged 7, Robey Knight aged 5 and Harry George aged 6 got ready to start the 2 laps of the scoot course followed by 1 slightly shorter bike lap and 1 lap of the run.

As expected, Hugo built up a lead on the scoot and further extended it on the bike and run to win by nearly 2 minutes from Robey who was encouraged all the way round the run course by his dad. It will be interesting to see how well Hugo goes next season in triathlon as he looks an excellent prospect.
With the boys having completed the scoot course it was the turn of 2 7 year olds, Emily Gray and Sophia Walters, to set off. From previous races Emily was always the favourite and so it proved again with her time only 20 seconds behind Hugo. Emily raced as fast as she could partially due to the fact that she could see the sky darkening and a rainbow appearing and didn’t want to get caught up in the wet weather that was about to ensue.
2016 Club Champs Rainbow 5For poor Sophia and Harry they were not so lucky. Sophia only got slightly wet encouraged on the final part of the run by her dad
2016 Club Champs SW Run 3and finished 3 seconds ahead of Robey, whereas Harry was stuck at the far end of the course as the heavens opened and got absolutely drowned in completing the last couple of hundred metres
2016 Club Champs HG Run 2with all the spectators cheering him on while sheltering under the new Tri-Force Juniors gazebo.
2016 Club Champs Rain 1Once the storm had passed the course was cleared by some of the parents while the results were collated and the delayed prize presentation was able to take place.
2016 Club Champs Prize Presentation 1On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank all parents who helped on the day with the marshaling, lap counting, time keeping and photography for the website and also the race director Paul Durbin for ensuring the race ran smoothly. Without parent’s help we cannot put on these races which the kids so obviously enjoy.
Finally a huge thank you to Jim Laird for not only volunteering to man the barbeque which he even kept going during the torrential rain but then also offering to help return the kit back to its storage location which was a long way out of his way.

And so to the full set of results:

Youth Girls
1stNaomi Holt36:40
2ndHannah Trotman39:08
DNSAlannah Mabbs00.00
DNSRos Chase00.00
TriStar 3 Boys
1stJames Mabbs41:06
DNSTom Jarman00:00

2016 Club Champs JM Trophy 1

TriStar 3 Girls
1stJessica Thorn34.56
2ndChristy Durbin35.56
3rdEva McCabe36.54
4thJordan Walters37.13
5thIsobel West43.49
DNSKatie McAree00.00
DNSLauren Enever00.00
TriStar 2 Boys
1stWilliam Hughes24.33
2ndJamie Powell26.00
3rdZac Mohammedbhai26.32
4thHarry Lines28.53
5thBen Whiting29.21
Finn BullenDQ (1 Short Run Lap)
TriStar 2 Girls
1stAntonia Jubb25.32
2ndFrancesca Paganuzzi30.54
3rdZara Mohammedbhai33.21
4thMaisy Manson33.40
5thMolly Young33.50
6thJoy Walters34.06
TriStar 1 Boys
1stPedro Gomez-Jones14.25
2ndMathew Enever15.42
3rd=Tom Pruett16.32
3rd=Jonathan Bint16.32
5thRobbie Laird16.41
6thBenjamin Taggart17.40
7thSamuel George17.59
8thMatthew Stephens18.17
9thDaniel Mohammedbhai18.51
10thCiro Sadikot19.20
TriStar 1 Girls
1stFlorence Crowley17.00
2ndMegan Gray17.12
3rdMackenzie Holt17.27
4thKaty Manson17.46
5thEmily Manson18.10
TriStar Start Boys
1stCallum Powell07.35
2ndBeau Knight09.46

2016 Club Champs CP Trophy 1

TriStar Start Girls
1stRebecca Bint09.49

2016 Club Champs RB Trophy 1

Scootathlon Boys
1stHugo Crowley08.14
2ndRobey Knight10.03
3rdHarry George14.06
Scootathlon Girls
1stEmily Gray08.37
2ndSophia Walters10.00

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