Tri-Force Juniors Club Relay 2016

The Committee decided to switch the relay and club championship dates around so hopefully the warmer weather would encourage the early leg competitors to remain outside and cheer on their team mates – and it certainly paid off with huge encouragement all the way around the course.
The relay is designed to be a fun event for the kids to practice all their skills they have learnt throughout the season in a low key race while at the same time getting to know more members of the club.

Initially we had 43 kids sign up for the event, slightly down on last year, even though for the first time we included a scootathlon in the relay. After a lot of emails Caitlin Hartley kindly agreed on the Saturday morning to take part which meant that we had 11 teams and the final draft team line ups could be worked out by the head coach (the hardest job of all). All was looking fine, until Tom Pruett injured his arm and ended up in A&E later that day and on Sunday morning had to pull out but did come along to help on the water station with his one good arm.
2016 Club Relay Water Station 1Some more frantic emails resulted in Ben Chase kindly volunteering to give it a go despite never having done a triathlon before in his life which then meant another juggle of the teams had to be done when we knew everyone had turned up. Ironically enough a brand new member, Finlay Mitchell, who had also never done a triathlon turned up on the day on the off chance he could race and so did an individual time trial.

With the course set up and the new Tri-Force Juniors gazebo looking resplendent in place
2016 Club Relay Gazebo 4it was now time for the revised teams and team captains to be announced, a bit later than planned, but at least some members found time to hone their rugby passing skills while waiting.
2016 Club Relay Warm Up 1After a full race briefing from the race director and the team captains making sure their teams knew what to do, although it did appear that a couple of team captains were discussing tactics with each other at one point
2016 Club Relay Captains 1it was time for 7 competitors to head towards the swimming pool, 4 competitors to the start of the scoot course
2016 Club Relay Scoot 5and 11 leg 2 competitors to be in position outside the pool entrance to receive a hand over from their team mates.
2016 Club Relay Transition 4With ex girls captain Abby West in place as lifeguard in the swimming pool and all the timekeepers and marshals ready

it was time for the 2 starters to synchronise the start of the swim and scoot.
The action on the scoot course was fast and furious
2016 Club Relay Scoot 3but sadly resulted in Harry George of Team Steadman taking a heavy fall on the tarmac car park. All credit to him he picked himself up and with encouragement from team colleagues and parents he bravely continued on to hand over to the Head Coach to do the cycle section for him, before then completing the run.
Having never done the scootathlon in the relay before, it became evident very quickly that the teams with a scoot on the first leg had a bigger advantage than was expected (about a minute) and the course should have been made longer, this will be rectified for next year.

After the first leg the top 3 teams were Hall thanks to a superb leg from Hugo Crowley, Simpson and Steadman (Sean cycled much too fast!!!!) with 20 seconds separating the 3 of them before another 30 second gap back to the first of the swimmers, Mackenzie Holt for team Holland.

Onto the second leg which featured the remainder of the Tristar 1 competitors and another new member, Pedro Gomez-Jones, put in a storming performance to catapult team Stanford from 7th place into the lead by 2 seconds over team Steadman with team Hall a further 18 seconds back. As anticipated the race had really closed up with just over 2 and a half minutes separating the 11 teams.

Mathew Enever (team Johnny B), Florence Crowley (team Don) and Megan Gray (team Steadman) and Jonathan Bint (team Wellington) all had a very close race with only 20 seconds separating the 4 of them.  Huge congratulations to last minute replacement Ben Chase who was 7th of the leg 2 competitors and I understand from his dad is wanting to take part in more events in the future.

While the 2nd leg competitors were on the course Finlay Mitchell took to the water to start his individual time trial to ensure that he was well clear of the swimming pool before the 3rd leg competitors arrived. Finlay really enjoyed his first ever triathlon and with encouragement and guidance from the coaches safely got through the 2 transition phases without mishap. Well done Finlay – hope to see you at more training sessions.

For the Tristar 2 and 3 competitors who made up the 3rd leg, the course was now double the distance from the previous 2 legs. Antonia Jubb, the 3rd youngest of the leg 3 competitors, roared round the course for team Jenkins, 40 seconds quicker than anyone else and quicker than 8 of the 11 leg 4 competitors, which moved her team up from 9th to 3rd place. Ben Crooks who was 2nd quickest put team Steadman into a minute and a quarter lead over team Stanford. Ben’s adversary William Hughes was 1 second behind him and team Wellington moved from last up to 6th place. Unfortunately for Aimee Moura of team Hall, she was taken ill during the run, however her younger sister came to the rescue grabbing her number belt and the hairband off her and finishing the run to hand over to the team captain. Well done girls on an excellent bit of family team work and initiative.

The final leg saw the club’s oldest competitors and team captains take centre stage. At the front Emily Rayden for team Stanford, was joint 2nd quickest of the leg 4 competitors, and was making huge inroads into the lead Alannah Mabbs had for team Steadman but could never quite get on terms finishing 17 seconds behind. The closest battle was for the bronze medal with Izzy West of team Jenkins holding a 47 second lead over the higher ranked James Mabbs from team Simpson. James gradually closed the gap on Izzy and with the finish line in sight and his team in full voice swooped past her to take 3rd place with 7 seconds to spare. Special mention to the youngest 2 competitors on the final leg, Christy Durbin (team Johnny B) who was the quickest of all and Jess Thorn (team Don) 2nd= quickest 7 seconds behind. Also Richard Chase, dad of team Alistair B’s captain Ros, for doing her cycle leg for her as she was still recovering from her arm fracture. After the final competitor Naomi Holt (team Hall) was cheered across the line a bee line was made to the cake stall manned by the chair, Hannah, and cleared the lot.
2016 Club Relay Cake Stall 1

After the results had been verified with the lap counters and timekeepers it was over to Paul Durbin, the race director to announce the final positions and Abby West to present the medals and trophies to all the competitors.

The committee would like to thank everyone who helped with the administration leading up to the race and also with the course set up and removal, marshaling, to Barry Thorn with his exciting and witty commentary and to Paul Durbin the race director.

Full results and links to individual and team photos can be found below along with the team position splits after each leg:

Harry George /
Sean McAree
Megan Gray07.5015.48
Ben Crooks12.2128.09
Alannah Mabbs12.2140.30
2016 Club Relay Steadman Team 9

Sophia Walters08.4708.47
Pedro Gomez-Jones06.5915.46
Zac Mohammedbhai13.3729.23
Emily Rayden11.2440.47
2016 Club Relay Stanford Team 3

3rdTEAM SIMPSONView Images
Emily Gray07.5807.58
Benjamin Taggart08.4316.41
Caitlin Hartley13.5230.33
James Mabbs12.1542.48
2016 Club Relay Simpson Team 4

4thTEAM JENKINSView Images
Matthew Stephens08.2508.25
Toby Pettit09.4118.06
Antonia Jubb11.4029.46
Izzy West13.0942.55
2016 Club Relay Jenkins Team 2

Sammy Groth08.3008.30
Lucy Crooks08.4417.14
Jordan Walters13.3130.45
Ros Chase / Richard Chase12.3943.24
2016 Club Relay Alistair B Team 6

6thTEAM BENSONView Images
Ciro Sadikot08.5808.58
Ben Chase08.4217.40
Sarah Crooks13.3131.11
Lauren Enever12.3443.45
2016 Club Relay Benson Team 5

Emily Groth10.3010.30
Jonathan Bint07.5418.24
William Hughes12.2230.46
Hannah Trotman13.1644.02
2016 Club Relay Wellington Team 5

8thTEAM JOHNNY BView Images
Rebecca Bint10.0410.04
Mathew Enever07.3417.38
Zara Mohammedbhai15.3833.16
Christy Durbin11.1744.33
2016 Club Relay Johnny B Team 5

9thTEAM DONView Images
Noah Law09.2209.22
Florence Crowley07.4017.02
Katie McAree16.4233.44
Jess Thorn11.2445.08
2016 Club Relay Don Team 5

10thTEAM HOLLANDView Images
Mackenzie Holt08.2108.21
Daniel Mohammedbhai10.0718.28
Ben Whiting14.3633.04
Hannah Rayden12.1045.14
2016 Club Relay Holland Team 7

11thTEAM HALLView Images
Hugo Crowley07.3807.38
Samuel George08.2816.06
Aimee Moura18.1634.22
Naomi Holt12.2246.44
2016 Club Relay Hall Team 5

Finlay Mitchell14.33
2016 Club Relay FM Trophy 3

ALISTAIR B6th6th5th5th
JOHNNY B10th7th9th8th