Tri-Force Juniors Training Race 2015

A bright and not very breezy day greeted the volunteers who arrived early at Sandringham School to help set up the course. Thanks to Mike Jubb lending a lot of his equipment the course was set up in double quick time, with the main discussion point being the size of the transition area and location of the entrances and exits. Due to a seniors race having been held that morning we even had racking for the Tristar 2 and above age groups and will hopefully have access to it again for our open race in July.

We ended up with 40 competitors out of the 42 that had registered, unfortunately 2 of the Tristar 1 girls were unable to compete on the day. Of those that competed, just under half had never done a triathlon before and so were on a very steep learning curve despite all the coaching they have received this year.

After a fully detailed race briefing and the lap counters, timekeepers and coaches in place and Abby West (2014 Girls Captain) on lifeguard duty, the kids all excitedly congregated in the swimming pool area waiting for their turn to start the swim.

For the older ones, they had to swim in waves whereas the Tristar 1 and Starts were doing a snake swim which meant they did not need to count their laps which as it turned out was a big advantage as our oldest competitor managed to swim 2 extra lengths and one of our most experienced triathletes an extra half a length before her sister managed to get her attention to stop swimming.

On entering transition the kids found a number of the Tri-Force Junior coaches on hand to assist with tips although even they were surprised with the amount of talcum powder being used!!!!!

For most kids the experience was really enjoyable and there were lots of smiling faces – especially when they spotted a camera. For those that found the going harder, they received loads of support from coaches and more experienced juniors who had already completed their race.

2015 TriForce Training Race Running 1

There were a number of things that could be learnt looking at the results which have given the coaches a good idea of what to work on for the rest of the year.

Some of the highlights were:

4 out of the 7 Tristar 3 girls all completed the 6km bike ride within 2 seconds of each other, with 3 of them having an identical time.

The experienced triathletes as expected were much quicker through transition than the novices.

The top 3 in the Tristar 2 boys race were only separated by 8 seconds.

In the Tristar 2 girls race, what a difference it makes using your dad’s racing bike rather than a mountain bike!!!!

In the Tristar 1 boys race, 5 of the 7 competitors completed the T1 transition within 9 seconds of each other.

In the Tristar 1 girls race the top 2 who could hardly be separated last year are going to have as close a battle as ever this year with 2 seconds separating them.

The 3 Tristar Starts in their first ever triathlon all competed the 400m run within 8 seconds of each other.

The other big lesson was don’t rely on the length and lap counters to always be correct, therefore it is really important for the competitors to count their own laps on each discipline.

The results are now available in Word or PDF format

At the end of the race all the kids descended on the cake stall which as usual was very well stocked with goodies.

The Committee hope that all the kids enjoyed and learnt from the race and would like to thank all the parents who volunteered to help on the day.

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