Walden Junior Triathlon 2016

We had much better weather this year at the Walden Junior Triathlon on 5 June.  At least it felt like June this year, rather than November!  There was good racing, although we had a lower turn out than at recent races.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had many reports on how individuals felt the race went, so it’s a rather curtailed description.

Robyn Hartley, competing in one of her first events, would have gained invaluable experience coming 22nd in the girls Tristar 1 race.  Similarly her brother, Lucas, was on one of his first outings in the boys race and also will have learned a lot, coming in 36th.  Lucas was joined by Tom Pruett who had a good swim and this helped him come in 12th overall.

In the Tristar 2 girls, Caitlin Hartley also had a good swim that enabled her to finish 23rd.  However, credit must go to Antonio Jubb who came in 3rd place after a fantastic 1st place swim and run but lost a crucial few seconds on her first transition. If she can put in another good performance at Cambridge she has every chance of being selected for the East Region team for the IRC event later in the year.

In the Tristar 2 boys, Sam Newman was our sole competitor, coming in 16th.  Sam says: I had a fun time.  My swim was a bit slow, so I had to get a move on the cycle – which was better, although I am still getting the hang of a bigger bike this year.  The run was ok but I felt a bit tired, having just got back from holiday late the previous evening!  Still, I enjoyed the event and it was A LOT warmer than last year’s race!

We had 3 girls in the Tristar 3 girls.  Tori Weston came 10th overall after a consistent performance throughout.  Hannah Newman came 19th and said of her race: I really enjoyed the race.  My swim went well and I was first out of my wave.  The cycling was fun, although a struggled a bit with all the fiddly corners – but at least I didn’t fall off this year!  I was pleased with the run, although it seemed go on for ever.  I came in 19th – ok for my first triathlon of the year and hopefully I can improve on that during the season.
For Christie Durbin it was not such a good race after a promising start and her mum said “She swan very well and came out 5th but much closer than we dreamt to the others – they were still in transition. Then on the bike she overtook one in transition but she soon overtook her but then she just held all the way in 5th quite a long way behind the leaders and ahead of any others on the bike. The East Region head coach commented on how good her cycling cornering skills were and she rode well but kept touching her head which worried me as not seen that before. Anyhow then in transition she went flying and bike and Christy ended in a tangle. She got up with a marshal helping, parked the bike and set off running but wasn’t right and struggling to breathe. She stopped on lap 2 but then started running again after a bit but continued to struggle to breathe. She stopped again on lap 3 just when the girls in 6th and 7th were coming up to her and we took her to the ambulance. They confirmed she was ok but want me to take her to the GP as the breathing stats weren’t good. She said she had a bad headache on the bike and after the fall felt dreadfully dizzy and just couldn’t breathe. She still says she enjoyed the race till the end of the bike and is saying she thinks she ate too early / in advance and maybe didn’t drink enough and a bit felt empty.”

In the Tristar 3 boys Matthew Peck, in one of his first races for the club, came in 11th including a very encouraging 3rd place swim.

Finally we had two girls in the Youth race.  Hannah Trotman came in 4th, including a 2nd place run and won the younger age band trophy

and Roslyn Chase came 7th after a consistent three disciplines.

Well done everyone!  On to the next race!!

View the images in our gallery  – A big thank you to DE Photos who have kindly supplied a number of the photos.