West Suffolk Junior Triathlon 2016

As Matt Peck was a long way down the waiting list for the Tri-Force Juniors race and not expected to get a place, he was entered into the West Suffolk event instead.

His mum wrote:
We arrived early on a lovely sunny day, quite warm and humid. Racing got under way on time and ran very well. The tri starts got the triathlon going everyone trying very hard .

Matt Peck’s race started at 1.30 and he had a good swim 5.01 a good cycle  12.56 and his best run to date 9.15. After an anxious wait for the results to be published we found that Matt finished 3rd with a time of 28.13.
Matt - West Suffolk
The winner was Luhan Behly who raced very well with a very impressive cycle.

An enjoyable day.