WiTri Kids Triathlon 2015

It was another hot but breezy day at Whittlesey for the WiTri event.  Most of us managed to arrive in good time, despite some satnav challenges getting out of Peterborough for some.  Despite it being peak holiday season, there was a good turnout overall, including 15 athletes from TriForce.

For some kids it was a case of staying out of the sun before the race, while others just soaked up the rays.

2015 WiTri MH Start 1

2015 WiTri ER Start 1







2015 WiTri HR Start 1

The question was what was on the sheet of paper Sam was reading – maybe a list of calamities that had hit him throughout the year to make sure he didn’t make the same mistake again – shame he didn’t share it with his sister!!!!!

2015 WiTri HN & SN Start 1

First off in the TriStart boys was Lucas Hartley in one of his first events for the club.  Lucas put in a very promising performance coming first on the swim and in the top 5 on both the bike and the run.  Lucas finished 4th overall and wasn’t far behind 2nd place, so he should be very pleased with his performance.

Next off in the TriStart girls was Mackenzie Holt.  Again it was a very consistent performance from Mackenzie coming in 9th on the swim, 8th on the bike and 7th on the run.  She eventually came out 8th overall to continue her run of encouraging results this year.

In the Tri 1 girls we had three competitors including Robyn Hartley who was appearing in one of her first ever races.  Robyn’s swam really well emerging in 11th place.  The transitions, bike and run legs were more of a new experience but Robyn battled hard, gritting her teeth to fight for 19th place overall.  A really great effort for someone learning the ropes and we hope to see here at future races!
We also had two more seasoned campaigners in Antonia Jubb and Sara Laitner.  Antonia finished 1st in the swim, but with Sara in hot pursuit in 2nd place.  Again they were close together on the bike with Antonia 5th and Sara 6th Eventually, Antonia managed to pull away on the run to finish 2nd overall, with Sara coming in 6th.  A really good performance from both girls.  Keep it up!

2015 WiTri AJ Trophy 1

Afterwards Sara commented on the race “I think this triathlon was just a bit too far away ! It was a very hot day for doing a triathlon. It was very well organised except that the marshals didn’t direct you as well as in other triathlons – one of them even got in my way when I was trying to get from the pool to transition. However, I liked the pool and there was a good hog roast and ice cream van.”

Our sole representative in the Tri1 Boys was Reece Dickson.  Reece started off well with probably one of his best swims. He then had an ok T1 transition heading off into one his best cycles too – it was looking promising. However two unfortunate incidents added those dreaded seconds on. Firstly his mum forgot to cut his new lock laces and they were hanging down far too long distracting him; and secondly he forgot his number belt. He did the whole cycle without it and a kind spectator pointed it out to him just before he went out on the run, so he ran back for it meaning his second transition was one of the longest of all the competitors! In the end he finished 12th – despite all this he said it was one of his favorite events and wants to do it again next year.  Good for you Reece!

In the Tri 2 girls we had Christy Durbin and Caitlin Hartley.  Caitlin was in one of her first competitive events and did really well on the swim, coming 6th.  She found the bike and run legs a bit more of a challenge but battled hard to come in 25th overall.  Well done Caitlin!  Christy put in a strong consistent performance coming 8th in the swim, 3rd on the bike and 4th on the run, pushing her into 4th place overall – another great showing!

Sam Newman was our sole representative in the Tri 2 boys.  Having just come back from holiday Sam was getting back into the swing of things and it showed with a swim that was a bit slower than normal, finishing 20th.  However, he managed to pull himself together and after good bike and run legs he had pulled himself back to a creditable 12th place overall against a strong field.

As is often the case at these events, there is usually some form of calamity in one of the races and this week it was the Tri3 girls’ turn to show us how not to do it!  Step forward Hannah Newman and Naomi Holt!  We will be contacting the coaching team to include “counting to 5 lessons” in the weekend training from now on.  Alas for our two girls, they both managed to cycle an extra lap on the bike leg and as it was quite a long bike course this completely ruined their overall times.  To her credit Naomi somehow still managed to come in 10th on the bike leg, but the damage was done with Noami coming 14th overall and Hannah 18th.  Better luck next time girls…!  Fortunately these errors proved not to be contagious and Jessica Laitner, Tori Weston and Emily Rayden put in great performances.  Jessica produced a fabulous swim to come out 1st and supplemented this with strong bike and run legs to finish 3rd overall.
Although Jessica hasn’t produced any words of wisdom for the report she was very pleased with her best ever bike placing of 3rd. She probably ran at least an extra half lap running around the very flimsy tape that was blowing in the wind when she could have run straight through it – a lesson for the future ! She was very pleased with her third place overall.

2015 WiTri JL Trophy 1

Tori came 4th in both the swim and the bike leg and managed to keep it together on the run to hold on to 4th place overall.  Emily is now getting the tri bug and produced a strong race coming 9th on the swim and bike and then produced a strong run to finish 6th and only 5 seconds behind Tori in 4th.  It’s great to have such a strong group in Tri3 girls this year.  The club champs should be interesting!!!!

Finally in the Youth girls Hannah Rayden kept up a good showing from the Tri-force team coming 7th on the swim and 4th on both the bike and run legs.  According to her mum she moaned all around the course but was delighted to learn that she came 3rd overall.  See, at times, moaning can be good for you!

2015 WiTri HR Trophy 1

It was a good event, well organised, even if the schedule slipped a bit by the end of the day.  Still the arrival of the ice-cream van was inspired and there was a brisk trade with the TriForce team!

2015 WiTri MH HN & SN Fin 1

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