Cycling forms a major part of any triathlete’s training (and racing) programme so we take our junior section cycling every other Saturday to one of the off road locations we use. As many Tristars (U15) races involve cycling on grass we include that in our programme too. Other aspects covered are: safety and awareness, learning to ride in a group, developing basic cycling endurance, cornering, gear selection.

We are well aware that in this age band there is a wide range of ability and physical development. There is also a big difference in speed between a heavy mountain bike with knobbly tyres and a lightweight road bike with narrow slicks. We’re only interested in helping our young members to have fun, to learn and to get their own rewards through seeing themselves improve.

During the winter months, in conjunction with circuit training, the children will have the opportunity to try out Turbo Training indoors.

Triforce Turbo 2

Occasionally we also try and utilise a closed tarmac surface at Minet Park, Hillingdon.

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